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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing Gear, Shall I Pin you Sweetie?

When I started this weird world of Craft-gasm
I noticed that people were unstable over pincushions.
Koo Koo.
They made them, traded them and then made more.
They had their big Daddies and their tiny lovers

my time has come

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is weighted so it sits nicely on the sewing table

And, he' wait I can't even type Big D...
I rechristen you Large Marge

This is Large Marge's B-side

Marge rolls with this little organizer named Ethel
(excuse me while I anthropomorphize...)

Ethel is a Virgo so keeps everything where it ought to be

Right below Marge
 courtesy of sewmamasew


Still exclusively dating this material,

And now here's my tiny lover.

Thank you Zakka !

Like the corsage I never wanted,
and for the girl on the go...

Now that I've gone to that place where I actually pin myself

I better do something crush worthy.


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