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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Napkins, Birds and More Fabric Collage

A set of napkins

More birdes to complete my second bird mobile

And the beginning of a new stroller blanket/ change pad fabric collage

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Round Up

Although I didn't commit to posting every day, I did commit to making something or being creative every day. Here is this weeks round up.

Mon: Made another tissue cover, I've got this down now. Tried to do a wipes cover and the dimensions were allllllll wrong. They have crazy angles and what not. Aborted mission.

Tues: Met with my "crafty" posse and started on my next felting project. This time I'm knitting and ...vaguely...following a pattern.

Wed: More knitting.

Thurs: Worked on a pattern for a crayon roll. Made one which looks like poo but it works well.
 It's got the classic spot for crayons but also includes a sticker pouch and lots of secret pockets for paper and other arty fun. Learned a lot.
Also tried to master my new snapping tool. Disaster. I absolutely can not figure this baby out...

Fri: Made belated xmas gifts for some family.

 Custom drink cozy's and a custom memory game for their daughter.

 I included the kid's name in the piece in a few places because she has a unique name, and I remember being slighted when I didn't EVER hear my unusual name on Romper Room.
Also worked on organizing my studio a little and began my custom cookbook project. Made mutant cupcakes for Pu's bday. And finally...the

Hugenormous change pad.
This could eventually morf into a waterproof stroller blanket. It's lined with nylon and cozy. The picture is super washed out, but it's late and I'm a little washed out too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warm Wear & Wonder Hows

Loving the "Repurpose"
Found a cashmere mock turtleneck at the thrift store. I mocked the mock and cut off the sleeves and neck and learned how to make a ruffle. Not a very good one. It curves to the left and the stiching is a bit sad, but I think it passes. The arms are a little too wide. Might try and use a 'dart'. I'll have to learn how to do that first. This is a poor picture, ah well.

Then I made a version of my favorite hat. I have a love affair with a non descript grey fleece hat. So potent is this love, that if I were to lose said hat sorrow would overwhelm. I've actually lost it a few times, only to hunt it down and dance a happy dance. It doubles as a neck warmer, very cool design. So-  I made one, it was super easy and now I've got a back up. Yeah!

I also finished crocheting a bowl which I'm felting. I haven't crocheted since I was twelve when I made all my unfortunate relatives elf slippers in pastel colours. For this I am sorry. I've also never felted before which may be why my results are so ridiculous. I'm going to put this through the wash one more time and hope for a felting intervention. Next time I think I'll follow a pattern, and knit. A  smart-ass I like suggested it could be a kid's hat. Would you beat up a kid wearing this on their head? I would definately think about it.

I've also started doing some free motion stiching and stuffing some fabric to create 3d elements. A la Ruth Rae I'm thinking these bits may be part of a bigger piece in the future.

I've also learned how to make these little gifty bags and to work with buttons on my machine. The next challenge is the zipper!

Next up was a tissue box cover, check.

Then a pin cusion and a kid's bracelet. I'm practicing my new button moves.

Staying on target. Creative every day since plan hatched? Check.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Prolific Day

Both kids napped at the same time today. Astonishing. Today I copied my favorite hat and embellished it. Learned to make a button hole. Made some coasters. Finished two bib gifts for the neighbouring newborn twins. Made a giant "tea towel" bib for a friends daughter. Made a hanging cd case for Pu's room.
Finished the bird mobile. So excited about this one. Saw it in a store and hearted it. Tried to make it and it went sideways. Then I found the pattern here . My version is pretty lopsided, but ah well. It makes me grin.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revamping the Wardrobe

Bean Bags

So simple, so fun. Gave a few as xmas gifts. We're working on hot potato. Who knew it was such a sophisticated concept?

Baby Blocks

Nothing to say here. Except they jingle.

Drink Cozy's

Not a new idea, but new for us. I'm always putting my partner's glass in the dishwasher before he's done with it. I can't help it in the same way I always kick over glasses wherever they are. It's simply part of my makeup. Consequently, he has six glasses and I never know which one is up for grabs or in circulation. I slip these on the glasses in play and they remain safe from my clean up frenzy. It's a good way to distinguish drinks at a party too. I've seen little wine glass jewels, but have never thought about the coffee sleeve for regular drinking glasses.


These were xmas gifts for some friends and family. Bracelets and chokers. You can add whatever button you want to change it up, or remove it completely. On some i sewed a button, but I like the versitility and options of the initial design.

My Quilt

This is a rough and ready one for the kids to play with, but it's also for me to go fetal under when little ones are jumping on my spine and refusing to nap.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bibs

Out of necessity it began. My kid is a vomitron, a yak-isoba. And so the bibs began, and evolved, and then there were more. Then I learned to stop making bibs. There will never be enough

The Friendship Quilt

This is the first quilt I made for someone. A dear friend who has been an incredible blessing to our lives and has offered tremendous support and dynomite shoes. However, she's a excellent REAL sewer, and I am a pretend sewer, just finding my threads. I really wanted to give her a gift that she would cherish, and she's just the kind of person who would, but I really had to wrestle the demons that made all the 'mistakes' on the white and cream quilt technicolour. This is a crap photo, but it's what I have, and this quilt has a new home.

Happy Baby

This quilt ended up on my hospital bed when I had my second child. While we waited to find out if her health was golden this quilt kept my spirits up and helped me feel swaddled in flowers in the murky flourescent. Did I mention this whole quilting/ sewing fiesta came from a raging case of pregnancy nesting. I have come unleashed again, and I like it.
One of the big blues quilts.
I love the legacy of quilting. I love the history and that it can be so forgiving. I am the absolute last person who should be sewing (or so I thought). I NEVER in life measure twice and cut once. I thought that could only create mayhem in sewing and carpentry. Potentially areas of life too. However, in this type of quilting, the uniquenss, the undetailed details, they also tell a story. A harried, happy life, of hidden stitches and quick and dirty muddling on.

The Quilts

This is how it all began. Innocently enough. New sewing machine, new baby. Make baby quilt. Except then a great quilting beast was unleashed. Then I found out about fabric online. Now I am helpless in the spell. These are terrible quality photos, but that's what I have.