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Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Round Up

Although I didn't commit to posting every day, I did commit to making something or being creative every day. Here is this weeks round up.

Mon: Made another tissue cover, I've got this down now. Tried to do a wipes cover and the dimensions were allllllll wrong. They have crazy angles and what not. Aborted mission.

Tues: Met with my "crafty" posse and started on my next felting project. This time I'm knitting and ...vaguely...following a pattern.

Wed: More knitting.

Thurs: Worked on a pattern for a crayon roll. Made one which looks like poo but it works well.
 It's got the classic spot for crayons but also includes a sticker pouch and lots of secret pockets for paper and other arty fun. Learned a lot.
Also tried to master my new snapping tool. Disaster. I absolutely can not figure this baby out...

Fri: Made belated xmas gifts for some family.

 Custom drink cozy's and a custom memory game for their daughter.

 I included the kid's name in the piece in a few places because she has a unique name, and I remember being slighted when I didn't EVER hear my unusual name on Romper Room.
Also worked on organizing my studio a little and began my custom cookbook project. Made mutant cupcakes for Pu's bday. And finally...the

Hugenormous change pad.
This could eventually morf into a waterproof stroller blanket. It's lined with nylon and cozy. The picture is super washed out, but it's late and I'm a little washed out too.

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