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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warm Wear & Wonder Hows

Loving the "Repurpose"
Found a cashmere mock turtleneck at the thrift store. I mocked the mock and cut off the sleeves and neck and learned how to make a ruffle. Not a very good one. It curves to the left and the stiching is a bit sad, but I think it passes. The arms are a little too wide. Might try and use a 'dart'. I'll have to learn how to do that first. This is a poor picture, ah well.

Then I made a version of my favorite hat. I have a love affair with a non descript grey fleece hat. So potent is this love, that if I were to lose said hat sorrow would overwhelm. I've actually lost it a few times, only to hunt it down and dance a happy dance. It doubles as a neck warmer, very cool design. So-  I made one, it was super easy and now I've got a back up. Yeah!

I also finished crocheting a bowl which I'm felting. I haven't crocheted since I was twelve when I made all my unfortunate relatives elf slippers in pastel colours. For this I am sorry. I've also never felted before which may be why my results are so ridiculous. I'm going to put this through the wash one more time and hope for a felting intervention. Next time I think I'll follow a pattern, and knit. A  smart-ass I like suggested it could be a kid's hat. Would you beat up a kid wearing this on their head? I would definately think about it.

I've also started doing some free motion stiching and stuffing some fabric to create 3d elements. A la Ruth Rae I'm thinking these bits may be part of a bigger piece in the future.

I've also learned how to make these little gifty bags and to work with buttons on my machine. The next challenge is the zipper!

Next up was a tissue box cover, check.

Then a pin cusion and a kid's bracelet. I'm practicing my new button moves.

Staying on target. Creative every day since plan hatched? Check.

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