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Monday, September 5, 2016

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams.

Hello long lost bloggy community.

It's us (and them).

I bet you haven't been lost, but we have. 

Lost in summer beaches..

perfect lakes

nostalgic music

 & superhero visits with cousins

(such great cousins).

We needed extra time this summer to roll in the grass.

Extra pause to dive down deep and touch all the bottoms.

We needed the dirt and the fire and to chase mosquitos out of tents 

We needed to stare in awe at nature's majesty in the shape of dolphins.

We needed extra bed head and pjs, 
& to host block parties & public education forums. 

And every once in a while things were made
(say when a doll needed superhero underwear).

But not often. 

I could wax poetic about the lack of making and art in my world,
but really I'm doing a lot of art facilitating for the shorties these days. 
So it's happening, just one degree of separation. 

I've never been busier which is good and not great.

But the real reason I'm signing of on this chapter of blogging 
is because the shorties aren't so short anymore. 

Pu is 9 now and I almost always use images of 
her and her sisters showing off the things I tried to stitch up.

Now that they are bigger, 
they get to be in charge of their social media profile and identity,
so I've decided to stop taking liberties. 

And therefore, 
sharing photos of them in this public space. 

Although this blog was about making,
it was also about kidcentric and trying to make things around the 
madness and panic and beauty and the immersive everything of parenting.

So I'm signing off dear reader. 
If you've been quietly along for the ride, 
thanks for coming.
Hope to see you again out in the ether.