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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

M is for...

I am playing along with Katy from as she
Sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet
This week's stitches are inspired by the letter "M".

It's been a cootie-fest over in our version of shortyville!
When Nu gets sick, she doesn't sleep,
and therefore neither do the rest of us.
Oh yah, and once 1 kids gets pink eye...
snap: 3 sets of eyeballs!
I am therefore hostage in the middle-ish
part of the alphabet
Moaning for Mental Medication
I had high hopes that "M"
might be for "me" a few weeks ago.
I bought and downloaded my first adult patterns.
Printed them out, taped them together
rubbed my hands together with glee...
and then was confounded at every turn.
Fast is what I am looking for.
I stalled out.
And then I moved to mittens.
I cut up a reclaimed cashmere sweater
and drew up a mitten pattern...
I abandoned human sized mittens
and mini-me'd them.
And so, though I can't claim these exact mittens,
I did make a similar set and sent them in the mail.
This is our advent calendar and it's the thing
the 6 year old loves most about this season.
 She is very clear-that what the mitten says,
will be! 
After all the little beasties are snug in their beds
(for 5 minutes before the night zombie's take hold)
I think: "Oh man, I didn't do the mitten!!!"
Then at about 5am when the shortest of our
shorties wakes...
I think: "Oh man, I didn't "help" the Elf hide!!!"
"M" is for mayhem, madness, magic,
and monkeys, but in our house it's also for:
I will spare you the photos of children being
buried alive by Kleenex.
But they exist in my mind.
And in keeping with the season of good cheer:
Pu- the anxious lover of the family,
loved the idea of mistletoe when I explained it.
She said A) we must make one and
B) once it was up, if anyone needed a hug or kiss
they should just run under it and yell
 the "code word".
Since she is 6,
the code word was complex and multi-layered
& involved elaborate scenarios and rules.
It's now "Mistletoe".
Thank goodness,
"M" is for "Moving On!"