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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Yarn Bomb Needs a Facelift

As a community act,
the yarn bombing in our front yard has been a recurring opportunity for connection.

People stop, people ask questions, people engage.
I think there are more people out there who I don't know about
who have had their curiosity piqued if not enlivened.

But time marches on, and in this case so does natures carpet.
My blue bombs are growing green with moss and mildew,
so it's time to reinvent.

I want to keep the conversation open, but also try something new.
So, rather than just knitting this time, I thought I'd try some mixed fabric.

I made this piece with the intent of sewing it to one of the trunks
in front of our house.

Only now, I like it so much, I think I may be tortured by the site of it
slowly rotting away.

Not that it's so awesome,
but it has a bunch of elements I have a crush on right now.

I was also concerned about the text.
A common hang up.
I wanted something hopeful and engaging
without being preachy or too yoga dominatrix

(you know? :)   )

Nothing like a bossy tree to piss off your walk to work.

And here are some more components on their way

The one above was stolen from Viv Sliwka published in Stitches magazine.
I can't stop the birdie love.
Somehow it's gotta be appropriate in trees.

This will be a girdle of sorts
 and will hopefully speak to the kids heading to and from school.

This is still growing.
Fun fun!

Here she is on the tree

With a few of her moldy friends

This week I'm linking to Get Your Craft On

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