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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wee Additions

Nu is quite obsessed with little figures.

Pu wasn't so we don't have that many,
and rather than buy more plastic I thought I'd give a whirl
at homemade

Look at the super crazy hag in purple.
Rage-o-holic extraordinaire!

In another version they would have small buttons for hair
and their frocks would be trimmed.

However, Nu still contemplates popping things in her mouth

So these wooden, all one piece, non toxic painted wee ones
with the crazy-assed expressions will have to serve.

Now we know what some of her first notes
 to her future therapist will involve.

Maybe next I should work on some clowns and mimes.


  1. There is definately something nice about seeing little ones playing with hand made toys rather than the bought plastic ones :)

  2. True true. Except today I found one of these mangled and disfigured in the dog crate. It's face had been licked off. Hmmmm, bet that wouldn't have happened to Fisher Price. (Then again I'd probably have to take the dog to the vet and have parts of Ms. or Mr. Price removed!)