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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Freaky Rainbow Readers

The 3 Little's have been having lots
of fun with our new
Little Free Library.

I made a new sign for it to really
bang the drum.

It's been a pretty fun anthropological
study watching people try and make sense
of it for the first time.

People walk around it,
double take,
sneak looks over their shoulders,
give it a wide berth,
and use it.

And I think with all the happy
rainbow happening all over it
it may give off a decidedly LGBTQ vibe.

Which is great!
whoot whoot!

Our neighbourhood could be accused
of being a little square.
We are definitely the weirdo's in the hood.

While I wish for more weirdos to play with,
if we're out playing
  and flying our happy flags.
maybe we'll meet some kindred spirits.

As the awesome poet Michael Franti says

"All the freaky people 
make the beauty
of the world".

Already the library has been a fun way
to meet new people in the new hood.

Bring on the freaky ones :)

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  1. Flying the Freak Flag! Love the rainbow outfit. LOL! Very cute.