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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Flutter Time

The end of school is soon upon us.
And, I can't wait.
I always feel this way by the end of the year.
(Who am I kidding,
my oldest is only in grade 1,
I've only done this once before?!)
Last year after the honeymoon phase,
the walls started to close in and the
kids began to howl: Bored!!
I'm hoping to dance around that this year.
I think bored is awesome.
I think bored is an opportunity
to get creative.
Are you picking up
what I'm putting down?
Right now I'm looking forward to slower mornings.
And more free play times.
 I have fallen in love with CINO's
And I can't
stop making it.
We headed into the woods this weekend,
as we often do...
...and found all the best things.
Fields of flowers,
stump castles,
and best of all,
salmon berries.

I love the little flutter sleeves on this top.
They help with chasing butterflies in meadows.

And provide lift for reaching those
hard to reach berries. 

Apparently I have a thing for that
flower pattern.
Unintentional top and bottom reflections.

Now off to reflect on summer prep.
I better load up on bubble juice
and batten down the emotional hatches.


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