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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bias Tape Top & Cheese-Dog Grins

I used the tutorial over at Jess' crafty site,
and though I stumbled multiple times
(because of my newbie sewing status,
NOT her instructions)

I like the end result.

This little monkey finally got TWO pockets.

I love the capped sleeves.

I drafted the pattern from something &
inexplicably the neck was HUGE.
So, I ended up creating a weird little
gather/ fan thing in the middle to shrink it.

It doesn't work exactly, but Meh.

A frog closure would have been the ticket,
but my sewing room ate them.

On another note Pu would only pose with a
broken chicken neck.

And in more important news.
New sparkly ten dollar zellars sandals
beat out anything I'll ever make!

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