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Saturday, April 17, 2010 the right, to the right, now take it to the left

I have developed a hard core crush on linen

I'm afraid to wear it because I am absolutely spiritually against ironing clothing

but my lusty linen loving has now found a vehicle in

le sachet

These are made with hand dyed organic linen

I can't wait until our garden surrenders her lavender for these babies.
But really, I can't wait, so these are filled with rosemary and other fun stinky herbs.

Hand stamped, embellished with lace and buttons.

I've suddenly developed all sorts of unrequited feelings for all things old lady and vintage.

Like lace and doilies. Didn't see that coming.
Do you think Joey Ramone would forgive me?
Probably not.

I blame Gretel at for making beautiful things.

And those old ladies who knew what they were doing.

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