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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dead Muppet?

Apologies if anyone has burst into tears.

I don't know of any famous dead muppets.
I think they're all ok.
No one wants to read a blog post that makes them weep in the corner for hours.
But the jacket I made for Nu looks very much like a muppet was skinned.

It could have been a Fraggle.
As far as I'm concerned they are mostly expendable.

It will eventually be a jacket. But for now it is a vest. 
 I got wooed by the super tactile faux muppet purple fabric.

But, it's almost summer.
Hear that weather God's and Goddesses? IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!
So, I'll road test it as a vest and add the sleeves later.

What 7 month old doesn't need a purple pimp jacket?
Action shot to follow, these shots eat shorts.

Update: There are no 'action' shots when a kid doesn't even crawl yet.

Do you think she's mocking me?

That's fair.

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  1. Well that muppet died for art. It's a great way to go.