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Friday, April 9, 2010

Elephant's and Baby Carriers Don't Mix

For those of you who speak baby carriers...
 I converted my Mai Tai (if only it were a sexy drink) into an Ergo-like contraption.

Complete with ooodles of buckles that provide a Cirque du Soleil-like environment for Nu
And extra strong stitching so she doesn't end upside down frantically braiding her nose hairs into a lasso to avoid certain bonking on ground

For those of you who don't speak baby carrier and perhaps speak something sexier like Latin or Italian with a Venetian accent, I made something that wasn't working, work. Yeah.

Then there's this

Shhhhhh the baby is catching her ZZZZZ's

And a new kid on the block.

I can tell already she has wanderlust.

She makes friends easily and is house broken,
which is essential with an elephant

And, after good council she decided to travel to J's house to live with E!
Thanks again

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