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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweater Repurpose, version wee, & Birdie T's etc

This is how it started

And this is how it should have ended

But then I did this to pretty it up and hide my rag tag stitching

Except I forgot about the elastic waist band and that the eyelet was not going to stretch. Arg.
Will have to test them on Nu tomorrow and then likely unpick. Boo

Made some birdie t shirts and onesies to put in my etsy store.

They are a combination of hand and machine embroidery.
The Tshirt is a size 3 and has a secret pocket where a pink heart is tucked into the back of the bird.

A fun treasure for a 3 year old to find, and lose.
Maybe I should include a back up for the sake of parental ease.

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  1. Love this. Don't have to be three to covet. So good!