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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dirty Girl Hatches a Plan & Makes a Shirt

Isn't this the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Not sure what you're looking at? Fair enough.
It's an empty laundry basket.
Sigh. Such sweetness.
That means all the laundry is done and there will never be more laundry...

But just in case "D" is for dirty and "C" is for clean

My sweetie and I have had too many conversations like this one:
Clean? Not clean? Dirty? Yes dirty! No, dirty? Yes? No? No, yes?
Why didn't you take that laundry basket upstairs/ downstairs?
Well I wasn't sure if it was clean, or dirty?! (Repeat)

Now flip the tag to the clean or dirty side and leave it on top of the pile.
 No more fascinating discussions on this subject.

Speaking of scintillating discussions:
We had the same conversation every day about the dog too.
Did you feed the dog?
Except the dog was always, without fail putting on such a compelling performance that she had never ever been fed.
 Not once in her sad dog life.
Even after I fed her I began checking the little sign I made that we flip once dog is fed morning and night.
'Cause you can't trust dog eyes when it comes to food.
They lie. Lying labradoodle eyes.

Back to sewing related news
 I made my first shirt from scratch.

And covered an old london drugs tote with this fabric.


  1. The dog ate twice tonight - my fault, I trusted her eyes instead of the sign.

  2. Ahahaha. Cracking up about the lying labradoodle eyes :)