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Monday, May 7, 2012

I 'Ear You.

I roll with these three scamps.

And though I think they are cute enough,
I have a problem with children and ears.

I think they require an extra set.

That way if they are yelling at me,
the cuteness cushions the volume.

Even if they are oversized.

Yu is also discovering the great joy
 of yanking off hats.
So I made her one with ties.

I have had such lovely
earnest strangers chase me down
with a wayward hat in tow.
All sweaty and breathless and hopeful.

There is something about returning
 a lost bear hat to a beleaguered mom
 that just rights the disparities in the world
for just one second.

Somehow we all know this.
Thus the wide open moon eyes and
triumphant smiles from the good Samaritans
when the hats are reunited with
the infants head.

Only so they may fling them off again with renewed enthusiasm.

I made the hat for Yu,
but clearly it's too big.
It even fits Pu,
but she's a little to dignified for this right now.

Though it fits Nu the best,
she would shiv me
if I tried to make her wear a hat these days.

 Back to the ear drawing board.

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