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Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Bears Down.

Oh sweet Yu.

This one,
like her sisters before her,

isn't very sleepy.

The good news is she's
 pretty happy when she's awake.

It's clear she's hatching a plan
 and getting ready
to leap into the sister mix.

If only she could get a word in edgewise.

Honouring the secret society of babies
long standing tradition,
Yu is determined to out-Fox her headware.

She rips off her disguise

and reveals her super sneaky baby identity.

Foiling criminals, interlopers and
big sisters everywhere.
Stoic and a masterful drooler.
Yu: Baby Spy,
 blends in to her forest surroundings.

And gums whatever unsuspecting
foil gets in her path.

The green version is for her little buddy,
who also likes to yell at 4am.





A race to the black sheep title.

These crazy kids:
More ears to love

I had to add the outtake where Nu
in an innocent attempt at a snuggle,
garotte's her little sister and starts a
harrowing baby domino effect.

Baby Bears down.

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  1. O dear how do I comment for your giveaway. No comment section that I can find. Cute kiddies.