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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ruffle Frequencies

This one is a keen observer.

She notices all the textures

All the little things big and small.

She has big feelings,

in both directions.

She is a whirling dervish.

And a contemplative poet.

She is clever and creative,


today she told me that the fairies
were leaving messages with cherry blossoms.

And why wouldn't they?!

That's just the sort of thing
that fairies ought to do.

Yu agreed.

She's at the agreeable stage.

So Pu got a new skirt for fairy communications.

 Surely ruffles pick up fairy frequencies?

Especially during spinning.

If not,
 then they are bound to land on
Yu's flower hat.

And say what...?

I mean,
do fairies swear when they stub their toes?

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  1. One of mine once said, "it's petal-time". Pu seems to think there's magic too.