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Monday, March 12, 2012

This is the issue at our house.

Only instead of the littlest one sleeping,

I wish it was ME.

 while she naps ON me
(and only on me)
every once in a while I get to do a little of this:

And so Nu got a little of this:

She's super butch, so this bow will be black
mid way through day 1.

Cozy butt while speed reading.

Why NOT make black wool pants
with the first sign of spring?

This crazy twosome are keeping me on my toes.

The one with the wild look in her eye
 is fearless and loves being high speed
and leaping off of things.

A little wool butt padding can only help.

If only I could justify a chunky wool balaclava
 to protect her daily head bonks.

 not too hot on the motor skills.

Maybe we can get puppy insurance for her?

What a three pack!

Due to the lack of sleep,
and the consequential diminishing
of MY
motor skills,
not to mention I'm loosing things
(dignity, IQ, charm)
AND my old treasured chapeau.

 I too need a new head wrap.

For all the walls I'm walking into,
I apologize walls.

I blame the zombie baby for eating my brains.

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  1. I enjoyed this multi-subject blog. But when will that shortest one figure out there's more to life than Mom?