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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My True Parents

I love it when pretty meets practical.

If Martha Stewart and McGyver had a love child...

I would:
a) be that love child

b) stalk and kidnap that love child,
and make them
show me their innate crafty ways.

(Is that sooooooo wrong??!)

So this genius idea makes me happy.

It's the endless towel !!!
Circa 1980's public bathrooms.

Trimmed with scrappy bias tape and Velcroed together.

Since I am under the tyrannical rule of
three short people,
I am destined to pick up towels
every day
one million times
or die trying.


(cue chorus of angels, spot light,
unicorns pooing out diamonds,
maybe not that last one)

(any other suggestion,
like learn to cope or grow as a person
or even HA!
teach children how to pick up towels
is utter madness)

Thank you Elsie Marley!


1 comment:

  1. This brings back the 1940/1950's memory of my grandma's endless towel, but it was natural linen with blue or red borders. Her probably rationale: her 7 sons.