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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweat Smelling Thrift, Or is that Sweet Smelling Thrift? Part 1.

In support of a smaller footprint
I have done some thrifting from time to time.

I find myself a sucker for the velour tracksuits/
bathrobes of the 70's variety.

Well, a while ago I found a gorgeous blue bathrobe.

I clutched it dearly waiting for the right project.

For some strange reason I decided a sleep sack
would be the bathrobes end.

(For those of you holding more interesting facts in your head...
a 'sleepsack' is a sleeping bag a baby wears
so it keeps the covers on her shoulders all night long,
rather than stuffed up her breathing holes)

Now I had cunning plans for cuteness.
Ribbons for baby to play with.
Lace for me to look at.

This AND that.

But then in the chopping of said housecoat,
I came upon a pocket.
And somehow, it just seemed wrong to ignore it.

Surely a stuffed animal would hop in there.

I kept the belt loop too.
Perfect for hanging up the sack de sleep.

Yu has been in a wee one,
but she's growing.

So I thought I'd scale up.

Clearly I have a problem with scale.

These photos would be cuter with a cute baby in them.

Only she would be suffocated by her mother's
vague attempts at sleepification.

Good thing I plan on her growing.

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