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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yarn Bomb - Redux

I've been doing a little of this lately.

Only this time, I'm rebombing because
nature is a powerful force,
that won't be balmed.

In one year, my yarn has sprung a community.

I may leave a few of these Chia Pet versions
 to their own designs.
It's always wise to partner with Nature
and see which direction she takes her piece.

But poor Gossie (below) looks like she's
succumbed to a rare skin condition.

Some sprucing is in order.

This burlap and lace bunting

had to replace
last years version,
or be carried away by nesting avian.

It feels like a ripe miracle each year when
spring finally penetrates our endless grey.

These little bursts of colour and hope
catch my breath and balm everything.

Just when one more rainy day is one too many...

Out comes the sun, and it feels like it could linger.

Enough time for royalty to scale a tree
 in her ball gown.

And declare it officially time to believe in spring again.

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