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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sack it to Me

What's this you say?

Well it's one of these.

I used this tutorial from Toni Coward

Because how Lego does grow!

The grumpy rabbit is a huge fan.

So it all goes in,
or you can play with it right on the mat.

Then cinch it up when it's time to move on
to other great things.

And then immediately take it out again
to show the sister.

After all, Lego beats all other
great things for this girl.

Ready to roll,
take it with you or just tidy up.


Insert too much love baby photo.

This one is beginning her Lego
tutorial by gumming an occasional
large (non chocking hazard) piece.

 hair is always more delicious.

Seriously, you with the camera.
Pu is giving me the Heimlich.

Perhaps a 3 pack of 
engineers in the making?

I hope so,
we could use a moat.

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