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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Purple Dinosaurs

In our house there are two things that are solid.

There may be more than two,
but there are definitely these two:
1) Purple, and
2) Dinosaurs

So, in the spirit of purple and in 'need'
of another bullet proof leisure suite for
El Destructo...

Yes, I'm talking about you short stuff!

More purple dove into the sewing machine.
It was quickly followed by the stripes
I can't get enough of.

Here purple pants and purple romper
study "Stegosaurus: Armoured Defender",
one of our mannnnnnny dino texts.

They take it verrry seriously.

Now, back to matters at hand.

When not studying the cretaceous period,

Nu can be found working on her
jazz hands.

And Pu, working on her Daryl Hannah 
 mermaid impressions.

A little top for Pu in purple.

Nu held hostage by her big sister
for a very brief moment of purple stillness.

Unhand me you fiend!
(said in Dinosaur voice)

And the stompy purple madness continues...

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