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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"F" is for Fabulous Functional Flannel

I'm playing along with Katy from No Big Dill
as she Sews all 26
letters of the alphabet.

Today I'm posting on "F"



Fashion Forward
(ok I'm pushing it a little)




The Blur
would not stop for snaps today.

We did a little gardening in the brand new poo.
2.7 cubic yards of fresh compost
that I shoveled into our new garden.

Apparently I smell bad enough to make
Nu's hair fly up.

But aren't these babies worth it?

Although I loved Nu's last pants for cuteness,
she has very sensitive skin
and the IKEA canvas fabric I used
was too rough for this wiggler.

I mean if she's not doing this:

she's definitely doing this:

So what could be softer than

The fabric is LOU LOU
by Anna Maria Horner
and called "In The Clearing"

Since Tangles and I were clearing
out the garden,
and we continue to clear out the
neighbours with our
odoriferous compost,
it seemed apt.

Now back to twinkle toes,
and the next chase scene
called: With the Hope of  Brushing Teeth.

Dream on.

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  1. So cute! I have this flannel fabric, in a different color way, and I love it! I made a vest for my daughter and its so soft. Pants are a great idea!