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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Building a team for the zombie apocalypse.

 this post will not live up to that title.
In unrelated news...
I was hanging with these punks
 today at the park.
Nu is wearing a new dress, and pants
I made long ago,
and Yu is wearing her Phoebe sweater.
For some reason I can't link to them,
or find them in my search function

And man, did they play the heck out
of their threads!
This one still doesn't stop moving.
She plays hard and sleeps hard.

She IS the definition of zest.
If there is a zombie or robot apocalypse
they will never catch her.
That's one anyway.
I think the other one in the photo
would just be chewy at this point.

And the littlest one, never in the shadows
 for long, is not one to be outdone.
She is super-determined to be in the thick
 of it all.
She's still a little pissed at gravity.
I keep trying to convince her I'm not in
charge of gravity.
She is not amused.