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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adieu to Home Sweet Home

Hello there!
It's me!
Sorry I've gone dark over here,
but really, truly,
it's been bonkers!
First we bought a house.
Then we sold a house.
(wroooong order)
And in between I packed up,
cleaned up, started dating a 1-800-junk company.
Beat a path to the thrift store donation table,
then another one,
then wash, rinse, repeat.

(Random picture of cute kid to keep you reading)
Then I wiped away a tear over the sorrows
 of sending books to book heaven.
Did you know this?
No one wants textbooks.
I tried to sell, tried to give away,
tried to give away with a big smile...
and nothing.
 No one wants them.
I promise they made me smarter.
If only briefly.
Putting our whole life away with little kids
and pretending we are super minimalist
swanky people.
Apparently we fooled someone.
Or, the house fooled someone.
Once all of our crap was hidden away,
I didn't want to sell it anymore.
Goodbye old friend.

 I miss you already.


  1. Moving is kind of sad and weird. Text books, they get left behind in the resale end of things, huh. That's why I admire people who make book art or recycled journals and things like that.

  2. I know! I keep thinking of saving everything for that...but instead I'm going to try the opposite. Off it all goes :)