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Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer: Bring It!

And it's summer time!
 For those faire followers who have hung out
here at Fly & Nest for awhile,
it will come as a shock that I have made
a weather appropriate item.
 when the heat of summer begins to bare down
I find myself time and time again, wool shopping.
when I'm 27 months pregnant,
 heavy with child and light of charm
  my earlobes sweating...
I think nothing of piecing together
multi layered quilts that involve nimble body as well as acute wit.
Neither of which I possess in the aforementioned state.
I now dear reader find myself strangely willing
 to over share with you a little
about my pleasures in bed...
Certainly, I've lost you now...:)
These pleasures typically involve sleep
and very very heavy duvets,
not realllly appropriate for summer-
or so my sweetie argues.
There are few things better to my mind than
drifting off to sleep crushed by the weight of a
1 million lb duvet.
Plant a fat house cat on top of the pile,
and swoon...I am at rest.
If I lived in the snow 24-7, I would sleep all day
(my thousands of children would by fine)
But here, here in this land,
there is summer.
And, a sane sweetie,
and therefore....
a quilt.
(complete with the vital stuffy pocket)
Not for me
 (for I have too many...see notation quilting and 3 pregnancies).
But for Her:
For she is the middle.
Not forgotten,
certainly, but the most easy going,
and therefore exploited as such.
For Nu, who I love and adore
who shall at last be crushed NO more
by duvet of heft and weight you see
she may not love this as much as me.


Tho curly of lock, and eye of blue

the wiggliest of child and sweetest are you.
A quilt all your own for summer and aft
and now off you must go, dear stinker, to bath!



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