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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey sweet Bloggy peeps.

I apologize for abandoning our one-way love affair.

I'm just flying in for a quick update to say,
I'm having a little bloggy crisis.
(Oh hyperbole- how I love thee.
 More moment than crisis,
 but CRISIS sounds so much more octane!!!)
As you may know,
we're moving in a month or so.
So, my studio has become pack central.
And...this is the hand-to-forehead part...
In the frenzy of pack, thrift, donate, junk I have
acquired a distaste for ...stuff.
Now the craft-crisis is twofold.
I get mounds and piles and crates of joy
from making stuff.
Using my creativity in small ways keeps me from
going bonkers
(more bonkers)
So, that's good.
But in this moment all I want is nothing.
White everything. Space. Quiet.
I packed up 80% of the kids toys pre open house
with the plan to unpack them once we move house...
but I am awash with glee because
 I DON'T miss them
and the kids barely do.
So a pox on stuff !!!!
And, arguably that's bad for the making machine.
And so, I don't want to make stuff right now.
My kids will "need" stuff I get.
my oldest is...'particular' so loathes it all right now.
So I will pause a little.
Pack some boxes,
play in puddles,
look at bugs, 
witness some other peoples art,
pick tiny berries
hang with self professed goof balls
and wait until the grand unpack.
I promise this is not a break up.
Just a slowing of pace.


 Truth be told,
if I don't make it, I'll probably break it.
So making will resume. 

After more goofballs.

Thanks for showing up.


  1. Good luck! Will look forward to enjoying more of your shared adventures at a later date! :)

  2. Awww shucks Lynne thanks ;) Happy summer to you!