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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Both roads taken require shorts

At our house we always have time for a good book.
Especially in the summer.
And this, the littlest of the Little's, is meditating on
bravery in her new duds.
This bum, in these new shorts,
follows the big sisters everywhere.
One sister is timid and one is fearless.

It can be a bit confounding which way to roll.

Sometimes it needs profound consideration.
Some experimentation and careful observation.

Until this little Yu figures out her own hybrid

 Or just decides to follow Nu's lead and
leap down life's stairs head first.
Her biggest sister Pu would counsel
"Stairs, stairs why must you go both up and down,
and be made of slivers, and be full of threat and beguiling mystery?!?
Oh stairs you betwixt and enrage me."
 Only this counsel would be in sonnet form.
Or the length of War and Peace.
Or delivered in a concerned and high pitched dog whistle shriek.
Or all three.
And by then it might be time to smell the flowers.
Fall into the flowers.
Or get stung by Killer Bees.
Depending on your world view.
It's a lot to assess when you're not yet 2.

I think she's got a solid handle on the situation.

This little minx is definitely doing long division
 on the inside of her diaper in the thick of night.

These sweet Echino purple shorts were made
with the ever brilliant Dana's new shorts pattern.
As always it's awesome, detailed, colourful and inspiring.
It made even, me who doesn't want to make stuff,
sew cute little kid shorts.
More than one pair...
What are you up to?

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