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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Short Moves

Oh sweet summer,
How I love you.
Few things make me happier
than a naked baby on a swing.


This is our last month is this old house.
This 103 year old house that we love.
This yard with 2 apple trees and 3 swings.

This house that was the first
 home to 3 little girls.

This garden that feeds them all summer
 on strawberries, blackberries,
huckleberries, thimbleberries
& a meager crop of blueberries.

What can I say?
We like our berries.

(New shorts for the shortest Shorty.
With awesome buttons from sweet Carla.)

I have such mixed emotions about saying goodbye
to our home.
Just like this pivotal text:
"Baby happy, Baby Sad"
it really captures it all:

This feels like the end of a chapter
in our little world.

Meet boy, add cat, add house, add dog,
add 3 girls.
Finished building family.
On to the next adventure.
See you on the other side.

We are literally moving around the corner,
so though there will be some punctuation
that marks this new chapter.
There will be lots of chances to look back
as we look ahead.

So I'm going to focus on the happy things coming.
Whatever they are.

We have the chance to build in new ways.
A new garden,
that we can stand beside and watch blossom
as all the Little's leap ahead.

Already, it's moving in hyper speed.
And I get that there are no breaks.
Only little feet trying on larger shoes.

It feels like a big step,
not a little one.
It's time to take inventory and pack up
 the things that matter

And leave behind the things
that no longer fit us.
The us that is now 5.

Wow, that happened fast.

Better hug those who we want close.

And peak over the shoulder just briefly.

Because, we're on the move.

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