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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them doggies rollin'...

I got a new bike.
This makes me VERY happy.
I cried when I sold my old bike.
It was so beautiful that I wanted to make
sweet sweet love to it, but it was so heavy
I couldn't actually ride it.
Which is a draw back for a bike. 
And so,
with Pu gaining some bike riding moves,
and the Sweetie game to drag the other 2
up all the hills in the Chariot bike trailer.
We had our first family ride.
Then later just Pu and I went rollin'
and I became the shepherd for the big girl.
So, she 'needed' some bike shorts
for our mommy and me bike riding adventures.

It feels so vulnerable riding
with little kids in the city.
My first ride with Pu on a carless street,
on a bike route, being super safe and responsible-
we got honked at.
It was just one grumpy dude,
but it rattled my cage.
In my head I flipped him the bird.
One of the drawbacks of being a
'role model' (eye roll) is I have to curb all
my agro desires and flip the bird on the inside.

Who honks at a six year old?!

When I grew up in a small town, my bike
was totally my ticket to adventure.
I went everywhere and had total freedom.
No helmet, back for dinner, and then out again.

Not for this one, or the Little's who come next.
If I could sew them a bubble wrap space suit...

I felt like I was playing high stakes poker
with her little brains.
Don't smash them on the road!!
Assume everyone is nuts and trying to kill you!!
Every pot hole is your enemy!!
Was that bunny looking at you funny?!?

That was my inside voice.
On the outside I was all
"Nice moves raw hide."
And then I wiped my brow.


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