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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life is full of short Shorts

If you've been here for a few weeks,
you know I've been making lots of Dana's shorts
Well, until very recently Pu, my oldest
 was done with my stitches.
So I made some shorts for the 1.5 year old.

Guess who stole them?

(She's also wearing a Me-made dress
 that only a month ago
gave her emotional herpes)

One of the fun things about working from a
pattern is that one can custom fit.
I made this pair a size 4 to give my diapered tot
lots of room during diaper change.
And this suits skinny Minnie just fine.
A tight squeeze if you ask me,
but now suddenly everyone may wear them
instead of just Yu.
Oh yah, there were two pairs :)

In other earth shattering/ breaking news:
Pu has been haranguing me for the past few
weeks to chop off her hair.
Her long, beautiful curled at the end baby hair.
We talked about it.
I suggested we go slow and cut it gradually
knowing that this little person doesn't like big change.
She said no.
I said "really?!?"
She said "go for it",
over and over.
It IS her hair after all.
And, then it was over in one minute.

The tears lasted for about sixty.
But now she's "used to it" and glad.

I tried to use the life is full of bad haircuts,
big changes, unexpected results logic.
And some snuggles.
I figured, that this would be a good mistake
 to make.
Not serious, totally recoverable,
and possibly teachable.
Because, these are the mistakes we want
our kids to make.
The little ones, that feel big.
The ones that don't matter,
but have impact that feels meaningful.
So later, when the profound choices come,
and the consequences have potential for
significant resonance,
our Little one's have had some practice.
They have some resilience.
They can handle it.
They can recover.
As they grow, they get another chance
to do it all over again,

Or maybe they do the exact same thing
because they can look change in the eye
and say...
"bring on the surprise,
nothing a little time and growth can't fix."

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