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Monday, May 13, 2013

Craft attack takes a nap

In every way except financially, this effort
was a grand success.

I made lots of things in a very short window.

I got lots of great compliments and
fooled some seasoned craft show veterans
into thinking I wasn't the new kid.

I had most excellent support from
The Sweetie and a five pack of awesome girlfriends.
Thank you Sio, Carla, Sam, Nina, Laura, & psychically Christine.
I got visits from my little ones,
and even a visit from my 83 young mom
on Mother's Day.

I talked shop with a few folks
and got some good tips.
I made bupkiss.
The old school folk said this was the worst/
strangest show they had been to.
Not many people, and those that came weren't so shoppy.
I came, I saw. I made.
I'll try a few more times and see what's what.
On to other things.
Here's a wrap up of some of the things I made:

Hand/machine embroidered/ applique wrist cuffs

and chokers.
Hoop canvases
Lapel pins, hair pins, covered buttons,
tissue cases, key lanyards/ fobs, tooth fairy pillows.

Crochet leaf necklaces,
hand stamped wooden memory/fish games
bean bags, wool ball and pom pom garlands.

A little bird mobile and a cloud mobile,
6 dresses, 9 dolls, 15 bonnets

Pennants/ bunting, crayon rolls & bookmarks

Possibly a few friends who now know me as
I can't think why.
 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Put it all in a tote and sell it at the Cranberry Fair in YT, Lulu can direct you.

  2. Ok Kirsty that sounds divine! I need some Lulu time! Love your pins!