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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whooo? & Phew

Another little ornithological friend.

This one is for unborn baby Theo.

I hope he likes Owls, but really,
officially he isn't even here yet
so is it really appropriate to complain?

I guess it's possible he's griping already
but we just can't hear him.

On a completely tangential note
I also made some little grab bags for Nu & Pu.
When we head out for dinner I am constantly
diving into my bag of tricks for an assortment of
crayon rolls
( strike that last one)

On the flip side are their names &
they can be closed by a kid with a draw string...

Or wrapped up tightly by a dexterous grown up
(I'm sure I can find one)
for space saving.

Then they can just take their bag and play with whatever
the nightly tricks offer.
Am I dreaming
or will this be an ingenious time saver
& relief from deep bag diving?

Dream a little dream with me.