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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Head Wound Harry

I hope this is the most ridiculous post I ever write.

I've moved into crazy town here,
I know.
We've started to refer to Nu
As Head-Wound Harry.

All she wants to do it fall on her brain.
Hard. Repeatedly.

And so...
Oh man this is embarrassing...

She had a super cute hat that got lost for a few days.
We found it rescued and hanging in a tree.
Only, clearly it had become a dog's chew toy.
It was mangled and although I restitched it.
It was always lopsided.

Still it had a chin strap so it went into backup
hat circulation.
Well this time I modified it into essentially
a soft helmet.
I packed the front with quilt batting and fleece.

See those books?

At the rate she was going
reading was going to be out of the question.

We joked about wrapping her in bubble wrap.
We joked about a helmet.

Then we took her to the emergency room
Due to THE largest goose-egg in our history.

It was either swaddle her cranium
or just start taking points of her S.A.T.s.

Poor kid.
At least the dog doesn't do this sort of thing to her.

Why mom?

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