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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wee Knits

I broke all my sensible rules.

A bit naughty. Fool-hearty, really.

Rule 1:  Don't make Yu any wee knitables:

She'll get all the hand-me-downs &
She'll grow out of them in two seconds!!!

Rule 2: Whatever you do,
don't make anything in light colours!
(It will be covered in goo immediately)

I'm a bad ass rule breaker :)

 Any excuse to cover buttons.

I love this word fabric, although I think
it's a bit premature to work on Yu's vocabulary.

A little lace trim around the neck.

She's not very impressed.
I'm getting: Disgruntled, and slightly tortured.

As a mother of three girls,
I better get used to under impressing :)

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  1. A very cute rule-breaker, and she doesn't look too tortured, almost a smile there...