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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Bonnet Factory

I'm sewing away for my first crat fair.

A few summers ago
people regularily stopped me in the playground

and asked me about the bonnets

the shorties were sporting.

Maybe I'll get lucky and sell a few.
(made from Rae's pattern)

Still, this will have to be for fun

rather than moola

I can't figure out how anyone can make a living

hand sewing these days.

Things are so inexpensive with globalization
mass production, factories and sweat shops.

This will definitely need to be for joy.
Well, who doesn't want a little joy?
I do, I do.
Yes please!

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  1. We were recently in Kansas where I saw little bonnets like this for sale in the Mennonite Historical Center in North Newton. Unfortunately, I did not check on their price or if they were handmade, but I'm sure they were a local Kansas product!