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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pink Echino

I've decided to partake in my first craft fair.
I submitted on a whim with a "why not" attitude.
Then I got in.
I now have lots of Nots.
No inventory.
No time. 
No plan.
But, I'm going to do it anyway.
So yes!
I'm in love with Rae's Geranium dresses 
 so I thought I would crank out some of those.

But whoa man.
They are not fast when I am doing it.
So I will have to do something else along with,
My list is long, my time is short.
Trial by inferno.
I finished this one for Nu because she loves pink.
Then just after I added the frog closures
 I smelled a burning smell.
Pesky Iron!

Melted closure.

No one would notice I'm sure.
But once one tries to sell something...
well it all gets more complicated.

Each happy accident that gets fixed
with some sort of creative
mis-direct is fine when it's just for us.
Perhaps not for someone else.

I guess these will be truly one of a kind.
With all the imperfections and details
that make it
handmade by me.
Off to the sweat shop of my own design!