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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The moment when I heard a page turn

There is an incredible new landmark at our house.
(Well, truth be told a few.)
One of these, is that this one
is learning to sit still for more than a minute.
(Though, here she looks psychically stricken
by this new strange reality)
This means the world of books has exploded.
If one stops leaping and spinning
it's amazing what other things are possible.
Even though I'm a big fan of leaping and spinning,
in slower motion
books have blossomed into a miracle of exploration.
Especially when the biggest sister is learning to read.
And the middle one loves nothing more than her big sister.
I take that back.
She loves a million things with equal vigour.
But, sister love is right up there.
It usually lasts for only a few minutes...
but for those few minutes,
they read (in various ways) beside each other.

Then PU starts reading to Nu

Then Yu adds herself to the action

 & plops down beside her sisters.

Pu holds court.

It is such a hopeful sign of things to come.
Everyone for a moment seems so grown up,
So quickly.

The wild one is focused.

The one with a tendancy to boss
channels her wisdom into leadership.

And, the littlest who is often,
both smelly and yell-y
is silent in sister rapture.
THIS is good.
New dress made from the lovely Rae's pattern


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