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Monday, November 19, 2012

I made another one of these

this time for me.

It's large and simple and accented with history.

The top pocket scallop is from one of my childhood pillowcases.
It lived at one of my favorite places in the world.

 It nestled in the shack we grew up in each summer
euphemistically called 'the cottage'.

Let's be clear, shack it was,
but it had loads of beds
 and loads of cousins came and went.

 there was water and sand and summer.
Nothing better.

Sweet sweet summer.

This loop

(to tuck a dishtowel into) is
reclaimed from hand embroidered tea napkins
that a great great aunt detailed.

Now that I've knit a stitch or two I have
a reverence for the patience and artistry required to
make something like this.

I get tired looking at all those tiny stitches!

At least now
as I build my family and hope to carve out my own
favorite places and times

I will do so carrying a swatch of my historical favorite place,
and a loop from an ancestral stitcher with me.

Maybe that will bring me solace
 as I burn more rice.

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  1. I too admire the stitching on those handkerchiefs. I have a few myself, gifts from grandmothers who made or purchased them. Something to keep!