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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to Wear at an Echolocation Party

Halloween has passed but I can't let go of ...

the Bat Cape!

It's fleece and super cozy.

It's an extra 1/2 layer if you're one who can't commit.

However, it's also an armpit emphasizer.

And what girl doesn't want people to admire her freshly shorn armpits???

It's so odd we don't see more armpit defining designs on the runways of Milan!
(to be read as Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeelan!!)

Today I had on a tank top, threw on the bat cape and a down vest
and was snug
until I put an arm up for an armpit spotlight and 
 cool breeze.

My body was very confused.

At least it found solace and likemindness with it's friend
 my brain.

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