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Friday, November 12, 2010

New Friends

Here's our new resident.

I'm trying out some Xmas gift ideas.

I think she's a little unsure of herself,

 but she seems really lovely.
She offered to share her cookies.

I can't always do that.

I made Pu some little leggings that match the above doll.
A little matchy match, but who doesn't love
purple and grey stripes?

Besides, Life Lesson:
 it's nice to be wearing comfy pants when you're making new friends.

Speaking of friends...

Owyn has a birthday coming up...

And because friends gotta fly,
this owl is heading to Whitehorse.

Then lastly,
a few more buckets,
these one's are the round Mayamade version,

And the above photo is meant to illustrate
that no creature has ever been so unimpressed!

1 comment:

  1. I'm very impressed at your new residents ability to share cookies....not quite sure I'd be so giving either! She's very lovely :)
    I love your buckets too, love the material and the contrast with the hessian/jute (whatever you call it?!)