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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love corduroy.

My love is deep and true and full of history.
Full of chocolate brown flare pants at 8 when I got my first dirt bike
(one that made the boys on the street quake with envy).
Full of pencil cases,
and the perfect pre-teen tote bag before 'tween was a word.

So when I had some scraps left from a kid project
(Earl the Chicken)
I was forced to make them into pants.

 verrrrrrrry ridiculously short pants that need some bottoms
'cause despite my hopes and dreams
it's COLD here now!

I have a love also for super tactile upholstery fabric.

So basically these pants are one big invitation to give me a pat.
All raised velvet and strokey cord.

Basically I'm screaming out like a house cat.

This is another version, only a semi sensible length.