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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratitude & Remembrance

As Remembrance Day approaches I feel grateful.

Explaining war to a 3 year old is just one of the many oxymoronic leap frogs of parenting.
My Dad fought in WWII and my Uncle died in it,
so for me, it's a significant day.

This year I found myself spontaneously going with:

 "Remembrance Day is about feeling grateful
for others who have fought for peace,
so we don't have to."

Fighting for peace...
the dichotomies stagger the imagination-
but a three year old is very accepting!

Wait till she's eight !

So I made some poppies

The plastic ones, are
A) plastic, so bad for the environment and inevitably lost
B) attached with a death sabre that either comes off or stabs loved ones in the eye

So felt seemed right.
We'll use them again next year, and the year after.

I'll be sure to put some money in the Veteran's box every year too.
I wonder how much the poppies contribute to their fund raising?

If you have fought for us or for someone who couldn't,
or if you supported someone who has.
Thank you.

It's much easier being a pacifist from my vantage point of safety and freedom.


  1. Love the perma-poppies. I was wondering how R-Day goes down with the tinies. We probably confusion them a wee bit, and hope they don't make us explain it further.

  2. As with in all things, I bet we have to explain it 1 000 000 times!!! xo