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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Serial Killer Baking

A kin to the craft blog is the artful chef,
classy cookery
and eye candy edibles blog.
It is only fair to warn you,
don't get your hopes up here.

my best effort to bring glee and sugar to the hearts and teeth of the shorties
 typically leaves
quite the gruesome crime scene.

Look at the CSI trail on this guy.

Of course, I had a few accomplices...

Look at the evidence all over her face!

The weapon of choice.

The above, nameless gingerbread person didn't stand a chance.

I mean really,
crushed to death by an excessive amount of candy sprinkles,
then smothered in icing.
The Indignity.

The Horror!

No remorse here.
Just a plea to do it again.

Sorry Ging!

Just in case you thought the other one was innocent,
this is her get-away outfit.

(OK, not really she was napping.
This was her lets make snow creatures outfit.)

Gotta run the sugar out of the original model.

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