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Friday, November 5, 2010

Out! You little destroyer!

I spend too much of every day wading through kid toy chaos.
If I'm not loosing the battle between the kids wooden puzzle pieces and the dog's mandibles,
I am swimming through a sea of wooden toys.
I slide on a surf of board books
And I've had my hair parted on more than one occasion by the wrong end of a miniature mop.

Lately Nu thinks its fabulous and hilarious and wonderful to varying degrees
to pull all the DVDs out of their shelf and yank out all innards of the cases.

A pox on this pastime!!

I carefully measured...
But if you've read this before, you know how THAT goes:
well it was too short
(I couldn't read my own writing, a new way to vex myself)

So here is the cover, that almost covers the DVD shelf.

(except for the top two inches where I had to add a trim.
I'll fix it later and scale down the frilly factor.)

A little Velcro opening and freedom from the top

But from the bottom it's Velcro versus baby
and Velcro will win

(maniacal laughter)

Such small victories here in smallville.


  1. I'm skeptical--I think Nu will figure this out and win.

  2. You're probably right! She's still little enough that out of sight out of mind has some staying power. Day one, I win!