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Saturday, December 18, 2010

With the Hip Hop and you Don't Stop!

I love a good Rap.
I also love a good Wrap.

So this year I'm going greener,

Or in this case red, white, and orange and.... and green.

We've been doing the half-green wrap
and recycling paper and bags for a while.

But, this year with my new devotion to all things fabric
I thought we could take it up a notch and build some new traditions.

I have visions of using these for the rest of eternity.
I have hopes that my kids will have a favorite,
or that mythology will build like...
 the red polka dot bag always carries the best present...

I can't believe how easy it is to wrap this way!

And secretly, to gaze upon all this pretty material
is definitely a gift to me :)

Note to self:
Must actually find/make/buy gifts to put IN bags!!!

Word up.

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