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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Tote

Thanks to Amy for the art tote tutorial

What could be better for wee artists on the go?

Definitely an upgrade from the crayon roll.

This might even buy us a few extra bites in a restaurant!

I tried my hand at Heat and Bond
which I was told by the seller was the easiest option.

I still belong in the special class for sewing.

Alas, several degrees later,
I still cannot deduce the mystical language of instructions.

So, there are glue trails and heat bond smears around the flags. 
There are even black marker smudges that unsuccessfully try and conceal my unsightly  past crimes

(A terrible washed out photo, but you get the idea)

Next go, I will do it differently

Nonetheless, I am pretending that these have been
smeared and broken in by 3 year old budding artists, rather than I.

By tomorrow that will actually be true.

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